Marilyn Monroe's Impact On Hollywood

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True fame isn’t measured by how many movies you are in or the amount of publicity you get. It's measured by the amount of impact you've made on the world. Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest Icon in Hollywood history. Being both loved and criticized before and after her premature death, Marilyn still proves to be one of the biggest stars of her time. I admire Marilyn Monroe for her work in hollywood in the 40’s and 50’s, for pushing herself till she met her goals to be one of the greatest, and by the way she inspired people while she was alive, and is still inspiring people today.

Marilyn Monroe left an impact on Hollywood that is still recognizes her as one of the biggest names in movie history. Starting out as a chorus girl and a model,
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Although Marilyn's talent and confidence is what she's known for, it’s her legacy that really matters. She grew up as Norma Jean Baker. She spent two years in an orphanage, and lived a loveless childhood. To me, this is very inspirational. She grew up with a dream to become a star, and it wasn't just handed to her. Marilyn spent her early life studying acting, modeling, and trying to get herself discovered. Even today things that Marilyn said in movies and interviews are everywhere, and inspiring young women to pursue their dreams and to be confident in themselves. Marilyn’s iconic image is everywhere, and even though she's been gone over 50 years she still leaves an impact on people, and that's all she ever wanted. Her legacy spreads the idea that it doesn't matter what people think of you. The only thing that should matter is if you're happy and and confident in yourself.
Marilyn Monroe will forever be immortalized in american culture. She has left an impact on the world that will never be forgotten. I have always admired Marilyn for her talent, confidence, perseverance, and how she she can inspire
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