Marilyn Monroe's Objectification Of Women In Hollywood

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Economic Conditions The United States was just returning from war, which had always been prosperous for the country. American household income was increasing, as well as consumer spending (“1950s TV TURNS ON AMERICA” 44). This era of prosperity was reflective in the types of films being produced. Production companies began moving from creating films that focused on the war to using more entertaining subjects. The goal of the films during the 1950s was to get families out of their house to watch these extravagant films. Therefore, directors began experimenting with different types of film content. For example, science fiction and teen movies became very popular during this time. Sayre notes that most production companies were focusing on making…show more content…
This illustrates the representation of women’s ideals and objectification of women in this era. These women are stereotyped as “gold diggers,” who value money over emotions. The film perpetuates this stereotype up until the last part of the film. However, the film focuses on challenging these stereotypes and explores the hidden feelings of these women. During one part of the film, Marilyn Monroe’s character points out that women have to present themselves in a way that men find appealing by using her glasses as an example. Fink and Holden’s analysis of women’s portrayal in Hollywood suggests that female actors of this era quick to conform to society’s views of their sexuality (245). This is a problem that still occurs in the present, where both female and minority actors take on roles that perpetuate stereotypes.
The film also demonstrates that individuals should not be judged too quickly. For example, Tom Brookman looks like a poor man, but in reality he is a multi-millionaire. On the other hand, the J. Stewart Merrill is depicted as an imposter who claims to be an oil tycoon. In the end, the women choose love over money, which gives them greater happiness than marrying the wrong individual would have. This type of storyline is still visible in romantic comedies of the present Hollywood
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The techniques used to make these films more attractive can still be seen in current day films, but at higher quality content. The cultural norms and economic conditions had a profound impact of the type of content being produced in Hollywood during this era. Additionally, the political implications, such as anti-Communist sentiments and the Paramount decision, had an effect on future films produced in the United States. How to Marry a Millionaire was an enjoyable light-hearted romantic comedy that did a great job of reflecting the changes that were occurring in Hollywood during this
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