Marilyn Sheppard Research Paper

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On the night of July 4, 1954 Marilyn Sheppard was brutally murdered. On this night, in Cleveland, Ohio, she was beaten to death in her home. In the crime scene investigation it said that it was a “tidy, ransacked house” which meant that it looked like a robbery, but nothing was stolen. Who committed this brutal murder? Well according to police records, her very own husband, Sam Sheppard ( Marilyn Sheppard was the wife of Dr. Sam Sheppard. This pair lived in Cleveland, Ohio. They had a pretty rough relationship in which the two wanted to get divorced. The couple decided not to divorce for the sake of their seven year old son (American Justice). Dr. Sheppard had multiple affairs during his marriage…show more content…
He is said to have boasted to a person in jail saying that he hurt Sam Sheppard during the fight ( Also, he revealed to Kathy Wagner Dyala former nurse’s aid to Ethel Durkin, who was assassinated by Eberling, that he killed Marilyn. Specifically the nurse reported, “He (Eberling) told me that he had killed her and that he hit her husband on the head with a pail and that the b**** hit the hell out of me.” Why would Eberling confess to two people (www.law2.umkc)? On Sam’s side, he had no clear motive to kill his wife. Most husbands who kill their wives had abused their wife earlier in their relationship. Marilyn was not clearly abused. Marilyn and Sam were getting along really well the night before the murder. Why would Sam kill his wife when they were getting along and Marilyn sad nothing about Sam’s affairs ( In the murder scene, blood was supposed to be splattered everywhere. The killer must have diverted the blood. Sam, however, only had a small blood spot on his pants. In the body report, Marilyn didn’t have some teeth. This means that Marilyn had bitten the killer to try to get the killer to get him off of her. Sam, when he was examined at the hospital, was found not having any bite marks (American
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