Marina Bay Sands Case Study

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Marina Bay Sands is a resort with hotel, casino, retail stores and also convention area. They also have venues such as nightclubs, theatres and a museum. Marina Bay Sands was first began its operations in 2010, April and officially opened on 23 June on the same year, by Las Vegas Sands (LVS) Corp. It has a 570,000 sq m waterfront side located at Marina Bay, and also includes a three 55-storey high of hotel towers that comes with a 12,400 sq m Sky Park and also a lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum. MBS contains a total number of 2,600 hotel rooms across the three 55-storeys high of towers, alongside with more than 300 boutiques. And their convention area could fit up to a 45,000 people. The outlook of the building was designed by an
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it was also close to bankruptcy number of times. LVS had previously reported to have suspended its developmental works at Las Vegas and Macau in order to concentrate its financial issue on MBS. LVS Chairman and Chief Executive, Sheldon Adelson then flew to Singapore to meet with our government officials on confirmation of LVS’s commitment and its project to MBS. They had also raised a huge amount of S$3.2 billion from a stock offering and also Adelson had invested over US$1 billion from his own money. MBS project has continued to suffer delays on its construction, and which was attributed to a high price of concrete after it had embargoed on sand exports by most regional countries along side with the bankruptcy to the subcontractors. The project to MBS was delayed heavily with a heavy rainfall of labour shortages and costs, which had amounted to S$7.7 billion. However, in December 2009, LVS had announced that MBS would be commencing operations in April 2010 and opening in…show more content…
It is also known for having plenty of pretty attractions for people who enjoy more on viewing the scenery. Which this includes many attractions that probably only Singapore has it and it will sparks the curiosity of the tourists and the reason of why they want to visit MBS.
Current Strategy: MBS is targeting more on tourists mainly on their outlook of the building and also its casino that many would want to enter and have a look since it is free for entry for tourists. They are also opening more eateries to attract foodies tourists that would be going around eating local delicacy. As MBS is also a shopping and fashion hub with plenty of tourists, alongside with world class infinity poll which is located at the top of their building at 55-storeys high. MBS is also well known for having multiples Michelin stars rated restaurants operating in the

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