International Business Legal Case Study: Marina Home

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“The International business, instead of detaching from our business, is now additive to our business.” (Michael Casey). In reference to Michael Casey’s quote, today the definition and basis of a successful company is how far it has reached internationally; whether having Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in one or multiple countries, or branching out their existing home based business to host countries. International business focuses on the difference of culture, language, rules regulations and the legal system of a host and home country. Moreover, for a company to reach the stage of international success, studies and strategies have to be prepared to ensure that all challenges are overcome and that barriers are shattered. Company background Marina Home is a company originated from the UAE in the year 1997. Today, Marina Home has stores all through the GCC region, India, Pakistan and Egypt, and is ongoing a rapid international growth. The company is…show more content…
Marina Home interiors pride themselves on showcasing handmade, recycled and eco-friendly products. This Fact will win the hearts of so many consumers internationally, as there’s not enough retail furnishing multinational companies that support the environment. Legal The legal aspect of a country differs regionally, Consumer protection is a legislation that every country tries to adapt and enforce, however differently. Marina Home would also be advised to study the regulations regarding health and safety measures, employee protection and minimum wages, as this would end up in penalties if not followed by the book. Another barrier is the legal system and their financial regulations, this can be a disadvantage for the company if not properly studied beforehand. All these factors can be discouraging for a company when planning to go international. Environmental forces and

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