Marine Animal Captivity Essay

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So let’s say that you were an orca or a dolphin and you were held in captivity against your will by another human being. How would you feel about this situation? Well, in the case of many unfortunate aquatic mammals in marine parks and zoos around the world, most of these magnificent animals are held captive in tanks with no room to roam around, or have to deal with being alone, which can trigger stress and aggression. Over the years since the Nineteen sixties, the first marine mammals were put into display for entertainment shows in Marine Parks like Seaworld or any other marine parks that was on the globe; around the world, people wondered if captivity was a good or bad idea. By the time the seventies came and movies like “Free Willy” and “Blackfish” being released plus referencing or…show more content…
In recent years, orcas, dolphins, and many other aquatic mammals, have been poorly kept captive in enclosures by Seaworld and many other marine parks; some people believe that these animals are professionally taken care of, but the reality is that marine mammals overtime will act aggressively towards humans and this can break family bonds or interaction with other marine mammals of their kind.
When the first marine mammals were placed in captivity in nineteen sixty-four, people wondered to themselves if captivity of sea mammals was a good or bad idea since it seemed cruel to keep an intelligent animal in confinement; ever since people wondered about it, people, books, and documentaries like “Blackfish,” have “compellingly describes many of the reasons why keeping orcas in captivity is -- and always has been -- a bad idea” and this can be seen from the number of incidents and issues that have went public in recent years. The biggest issues with putting aquatic mammals in a small, water filled tanks include the following: these animals are rarely provided wide open

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