Marine Biologist Research Paper

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Lizeth Felix-Guzman


August 9, 2014

Marine Biologist

A marine biologist refers to anyone who studies or works with animals or plants that live in salt water from the tiniest microbes and plankton to the largest whales, and every species in between. Marine biologist also works towards discovering all the unknown plants and animals that live in the depths of the sea. Marine biologist study life in the oceans, they study the process of how marine organisms develop and relate to each other and how they adapt to their environment and interact with it (Marine).Studying this is essential in order for them to be preserved.

Usually marine biologists have more specific job titles such as an ichthyologist, cetologist, marine mammal trainer,
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A bachelor’s degree in marine biology is sufficient for a number of related jobs but a PhD is usually required for independent research and university teaching (Kennedy). When majoring in Marine biology, some subjects that are important include biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics .You may also study areas such as sustainable fishing, pollution, marine mammals and ocean plants and coral reefs. In order to become a successful marine biologist, you need to have interest in research, good oral and communication skills, a logical approach in problem solving, and good observation skills. Also you must be able to swim and scuba dive and you must be able to work independently or as a…show more content…
One well known university is Harvard which offers a number of courses related to the biology of marine systems. Cornell University is also one of the top schools to consider if you’re planning to major in marine biology because students who do study marine biology have the opportunity to spend a great deal of time at the Shoals Marine Laboratory on Apple ore Island in Maine. Like Cornell University, The University of Miami also offers their students access to unique marine environments including coral reef tracts, sea grass beds and deep ocean waters. Another great school that has received considerable recognition for their Aquatic/Marine Biology major, in particular, is UC Santa Barbara(Walcott). These are only some of the many amazing school that offer marine biology, the list can go on and
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