Marine Biology Research Paper

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Maya Angelou once stated, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” (Angelou). Being passionate and thriving in a career is essential for me to stay motivated and to be able to enjoy my time at work. Throughout my life I have always really liked science and math, and I enjoy the ocean. I have also been very passionate about animals and I would love to help them and protect their habitats. Becoming a veterinarian or marine biologist would allow me to be satisfied going to work each day because they both incorporate my interests. Although veterinarians and marine biologists are similar in job qualities, they differ in salaries, work environment and…show more content…
First of all, marine biologists may scuba dive to retrieve samples but a veterinarian will stay on land and treat animals in a clinic or at a farm. The a majority veterinarian’s work mainly consists of time in animal hospitals and laboratories, but there are some who travel to different locations to treat animals. Most veterinarians spend most of their time with animals not humans (“Veterinarians”). On the other hand, marine biologists spend the majority their time in a lab, but still might go out in the field. Although, it is not everyday that a marine biologist goes on research trips, periodically I could spend time with others on a research vessel (“Marine Biologists” 346). Also, these careers share different schedules, as a veterinarian will have to respond to emergencies at all hours but a marine biologist will spend times in labs or in the field. The veterinarians work schedule is unpredictable, and they often work many long days because it is impossible to know when the next emergency will be. This is explained by John Riddle and Rae Simons, “You are sitting at your desk, trying to eat lunch as you read Veterinary News , a trade journal, when a nurse rushes in to tell you that someone has just brought in a cat that was hit by a car…Thirty minutes later you breath easier when you realize the cat will be okay. As a veterinarian, you must always be prepared for emergencies”(11).…show more content…
Although both veterinarians and marine biologists utilize labs their purposes and job duties are very different. Of the many tasks and treatments I would perform daily as a veterinarian, I most commonly will examine pets, as well as treat animals through surgeries and vaccinations. Veterinarians also will x-ray animals and help to inform owners about their pet 's health care and treatments (“Veterinarians”). Riddle and Simons stated, “more than a half of these veterinarians treat small animals… Some veterinarians work in mixed animal practices where they see pigs, goats, sheep and so non-domestic animals, in addition to companion animals. Veterinarians in clinical practices diagnose animal health problems; vaccinate against disease… set fractures and perform surgery”(13). Unlike a veterinarian, as a marine biologist I would be studying plants and animals living in saltwater, not curing a sick pet. According to the “Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance”, “to study plants and animals, marine biologists spend some of their work time in the ocean wearing wetsuits to keep them warm (because of the frigid temperature below the surface of the sea) and scuba gear to breathe under water. They gather specimens with a slurp gun, which sucks fish into a specimen bag without injuring them”(“Marine Biologist” 345). After the collection of these samples, I would take the samples back to the lab to run test and observe their qualities and changes. Both of these careers both
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