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The Role of Natural Science to Address Marine Contamination Issues with Interdisciplinary Approach
Nowadays, collaboration with crossing boundaries such as across disciplines, experts, policy makers and the public is needed to solve complex problems (Klein, 2004, as cited in Lele et al, 2005). Integration of multiple disciplines creates new knowledge and opens a possibility to address broader issues. Therefore, interdisciplinary approach incorporating natural and social science become the best way to get the best solution of the complex problems. Many people often consider natural science and social science as two different world of practice which have different approaches, paradigms and standards (Nuijten, 2010).
Marine contamination issue
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In this essay I will argue that natural science is more important than social science to solve marine contamination problems. Some people object that both of these sciences have similar capacity for addressing marine contamination issues, but I will argue that natural science actually provides more explanation and understanding related to the level of toxic compound which contaminate marine…show more content…
Focusing on certain natural phenomena with explanation based on experiment data, natural sciences clearly explain the cause of marine contamination problems. Whereas social sciences use social theories and focus more on broader issues like social phenomena which do not explain clearly about contamination. It is important to do deep research because contamination in water especially in marine ecosystem is a very complex problem. Similar example is from tsunami disaster in Japan in 2011, radioactive which contaminated marine ecosystem is able to enter food chain and to accumulate in animal bodies. If human being consumes these contaminated organisms, toxic compound will be accumulated in human body. Deeper approach of natural science such as biomedicine is important related to marine contamination. Biomedicine knowledge particularly in anatomical, physiological, genetic and biochemical models are proven to be very useful to explain the impact of contamination in life organisms in marine ecosystem. Furthermore, it can also develop explanation about what kind of disease that might be created because of the toxic compound entering the food chain (Hansen, 2007). For example is the case of Minamata in Niigata prefecture, Japan, where heavy metals produced by chemical factories pollute marine area can enter the food chain and accumulate in marine organism and even human
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