Marine Corps Officer Identification Report

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My goal after graduating college is to be commissioned as a United States Marine Corps Officer and I won’t settle for anything shy of that. I was raised on the morals of integrity, hard work, and persistence. In addition to these qualities, I have acquired several others throughout my aging and advancement through life. I received the Stephen Decatur Award from Vice Admiral Barry McCullough (U.S.N. Ret.) and the Surface Navy Association in 2015 for “Demonstrating the Navy’s [and Marine Corps’] core values of honor, courage, and commitment as shown by performance of duty, academics, military bearing, and leadership potential”. Between being a club vice president, a team captain, and a platoon commander in JROTC, my knack for leadership is more…show more content…
In my JROTC unit in high school, I was Public Affairs Officer, a Platoon Commander, and Physical Strength Team Commander. With these leadership roles, I was faced with many challenges. These include incompetent subordinates and tasks which possessed great difficulty. For example, each year my JROTC unit takes part in an Area Manager Inspection. This inspection is a major annual event for the unit. The area manager, an O-6 in the navy was set to inspect my platoon on personal appearance, sailor knowledge, and in-place drill. In the weeks leading up to the inspection, my platoon was far from ready. My cadets wouldn’t be able to perform the most basic movements and commands, failing to answer a simple basic knowledge question correctly, and had no motivation to succeed in the upcoming inspection. I took action by motivating my subordinates through competition and positive reinforcement. I used the time I had effectively and pushed to prepare for the inspection. The success of the inspection was due to my time effectiveness, integrity, commitment, leadership, and the cadets themselves. Encounters such as these have taught me to be relentless in the face of adversity. I always strive to become better and that is the sole purpose behind my ambition to become a Marine Officer. I believe that no matter the circumstances, nothing else takes precedence over getting the job done right the first time and the first time only. I also believe that anyone from any educational, financial, or ethnic background has several opportunities to make a difference, and I wish to capitalize off those opportunities should they present themselves. For me, I know that becoming a Marine Officer is one of said

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