Marine Corps Tattoos Essay

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In order to show loyalty and devotion to a particular god, Aztecs would place tattoos on their chest, stomach and wrists. Each tattoo would be designed in a distinct pattern depending on what god they wanted to honor. Another reason they would place tattoos on their bodies would be to honor battle accomplishments. There has also been evidence of Egyptians tattoos on mummies of woman. The design of the tattoos on these mummies mainly consisted of dots and patterns. In our present times the placement of tattoos on the body has become more popular and accepted by business institutions and society. The military is one of the few institutions that seems to be going in the opposite direction, in particular the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has always prided themselves on accomplishing the mission and most importantly winning battles. Such pride has been rattled by the decision of the leaderships for t to place…show more content…
This constitutional right was earned by people like the Marines people that had a belief of freedom for all individuals and a better way of life. Since it is a Constitutional right and no government organization or institution should forbid any individual from the freedom of expression, then it is safe to say without a doubt that the Marine Corps placement of such restrictions should be considered a violation of an individual’s rights. In addition, each individual in the world has a unique personality and the right to personal choices which are expressed in so many ways that is impossible to list all. The choice to place tattoos or not belongs solely to the individual and should not be restricted by anyone. The present restrictions on tattoos that the Marine Corps has placed to their service members limits their expression and most importantly it does not justify limiting the personal choices. The Marine Corps should not restrict freedom of artistic expression placing tattoo

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