Puritans: The Eleutheran Adventurers

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The Eleutheran Adventurers were a group of English Puritans who left Bermuda to settle on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas in the late 1640s. The small group was led by a man named William Sayle who was the ex-governor of their homeland. They had been expelled from Bermuda for their failure to swear allegiance to the Crown, and were searching for a place in which they could freely practice their religion. This group was the first determined European effort to colonize the Bahamas. During their stay, they preferred to live off the sea by fishing and wrecking amongst other things. Their past struggle is somewhat similar to our current hardship. For example, the Bahamas is having a hard time dealing with poachers, overfishing, marine pollution,…show more content…
Poaching is not just killing an stealing our aquatic life but it’s also affecting the fishing industry by, which I cited from, “So intent are they on capturing Haitian boat people that the Defense Force has no time to deal with illegal poachers. And so the fishermen suffer. Not only do they suffer, but as a result they are tempted to take the law into their own hands.” The loss of biodiversity can cause the Bahamas’ waters to lose their novelty and would also affect the tourism industry, our main industry and source of income, because scuba diving would not be as exciting or exotic to tourists. Pollution of our beaches and tides would not only greatly impact our coastal life by killing our fish which would wipe out the fishing industry altogether whilst simultaneously driving away tourists from our beaches which disturbs the vendors from making a living which is crippling our already weak economy. Overfishing depletes our surrounding waters of the sea creatures that bring in millions of tourists to the Bahamas, keep the underwater ecosystems alive and well, employ hundreds of Bahamians and feed many more. These are all obstacles that we must overcome in order to utilize our marine industry to its…show more content…
There are many policies such as the need of permits that can be improved. Closed seasons are an ingenious regulation that allows species of marine to reproduce safely to prevent overfishing, while it does stop the persons whom fish for a living and/or in bulk it does little for domestic or regular citizens. In order to solve this, more Bahamian coastguards should employed to keep an eye on smaller boats and parties because the majority of the existing are focused on illegal immigrants and also helps with the problem for unemployment, but that’s another essay. In spear fishing the only sling allowed for use is a Brazilian sling. This reduces the amount of damage done, such as risks of damage to coral reefs and again overfishing. Limiting the amount of sea life that can be speared by everyday Bahamians, since professional fisherman prefer to use nets, can help improve upon this existing
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