Marine Engineering Personal Statement

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The basis of our future is the knowledge we have obtained in the past is a concept that I have truly believe in. The foundation of my journey towards becoming an engineer was laid in India’s Premier Steel City, Jamshedpur. With regular visits to the steel factory, the world of machines and mechanics started fascinating me. As a young kid, I once went with my father to a Car Servicing Shop, I was amazed how by using a small handle, the huge car could be lifted, Pascal’s law was unknown to me, but it did fascinate me as how a man could make their work easier by use of simple machines. Each new concept put forth a new question but I wasn’t able to define it. Hence my journey began in search of those answers. I always envisaged myself to become an engineer, where in I could detect the problem just by difference in sound. As I was introduced to various theories & principles in physics, my inquisitiveness turned into passion. As I grew older, my childhood infatuation for machines flourished. The urge to be different from the rest and take up challenges propelled my decision to study Marine Engineering. I choose Marine Engineering as it offered me a unique…show more content…
From the complex design of a ship to the simplicity of Archimedes Principle, my fascination about engineering was substantiated by the fact that I was always within the top 5% in a batch of 240, because of which I received a merit based scholarship from the University. I scored perfect 10 graded points average in one of the semesters and 9.21 CGPA during my four years at Tolani Marine Time University. Due to my insightful knowledge, I was asked to take tutorial classes by the then Program Chair, Mr. Indra Kumar Basu, for juniors during my under graduate program, in Mathematics and
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