Marine Engineering Personal Statement Report

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‘One percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration’, one of the renowned adages said by Edison to define success which suits to my attitude aptly. At this point of time, I had finished my first sailing as a Junior Engineer and taken a wise decision to excel my future through pursuing Masters at University of New Orleans, LA which is an eternal dream waiting next to me. This aphorism has great impact on my life.
I had completed my schooling at Bhasyam High School, which is one of the best reputed schools in the state and passed out with 90% marks, I was among the top 5 percentile students in that year’s public examination for Secondary School Certificate and also one of the state level toppers in Mathematics and Social Studies.
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Therefore, I decided to opt to do Marine Engineering which would fulfill my dreams and over the years it has got great advancements in technology with many designs.
During my freshman and sophomore years I was introduced to a series of courses in Ship structure, Construction, Naval Architecture, Hydro dynamics, Marine Internal Combustion Engines, Pipe and Piping systems which presented me a fresh Engineering outlook. My intentness grew deeper when I did courses, which encompassed the concepts of Structural Analysis, Surveying, Propulsion systems, Stability, arrangement of most complex pipeline system and Plant
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I have undergone three stints of trainings as per curriculum, the first one regular port visits at Tuticorn, one of the major ports in India, Secondly, six months Internship at ‘T. S Meenakshi- Training Ship(Bulk Carrier)’and the third one is 20 days pre sea training voyage on ship from Chennai to Andaman Islands. At Tuticorn port, gave me general overview of various ship structures. The Internship training was more specific where I got a chance to study the ship structure, Construction, Stability, Various piping system, MARPOL, SOLAS and fabrication of marine engines. Third one, Pre Sea training voyage on passenger vessel, seeing firsthand the various operations and processes involved on ship was an eye opener. It made me realize the importance of practical training in getting a deeper perspective of the
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