Marine Hotel Marketing Strategy

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Marine hotel

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Marine hotel

a luxury five star marine hotel which includes two parts on water and underwater connected hotel that will be located on the gulf coast
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The competitors can be come from anywhere and even from our country. The closest competitor to our business is Atlantis in the palm (Dubai) with the similar view which is aquarium view . the foreign competitor from another country is Manta Resort, Pemba Island Zanzibar, this underwater room is much more similar to our hotel.
The third one is economic environment . the hotel can build by investment corporation of Dubai (ICD). That can be affected on real price so with own corporation the price can be reduce .there will be high difference in prices if the luxury resources are from outside.
The fourth is political and legal environment .the Dubai government has special rule for tourist that is tourist tax and all holiday accommodation in Emirates and it’s called (tourist Dirham )will be charge on stay in hotel or underwater hotel . the tax is being introduced in bid to help to increase budget for the ‘ international promotion’ and marketing of emirates and help to growth of the country’s tourism
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Globally the tourism industry is distinguished by high capital requirements and strong brand identity. Barriers for hotel market are medium or high because it depends on the size of financial resources, service quality, and chain of hotels worldwide with a strong brand image. The Marine Hotel is positioned as a luxury hotel with a high proportion of fixed costs to total costs. In hospitality area one of the most important goals is to have economies of scale because it makes things more efficient by increasing the operational size. It considers the resources used for construction, pre-operational expenses, and the cost of equipment. Our hotel has high expenses and requirements that allow having high entering barriers for competitors. In order to establish the company name, it is necessary to follow government regulation such as tax and subsidies policy, licensing, and restrictions by law. Expensive start-up costs keep other new firms with a big amount of capital needed in order to entry the market, that makes it hard to become our strong competitor. The Marine Hotel is focused on the best technologies that are developed especially for our hotel to make it modern and hi-tech. The main benefit is our strong brand recognition, network effect, and improved customer service. Product differentiation is based on unique qualities of

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