Marine Parks: The Explanation Of Marine Parks

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Marine parks have been around for a long time, catering some entertainment to people by letting them have a glimpse of some marine animals like dolphins, whales etc. However, the mere existence of marine parks has become a contentious topic across the globe. While some may believe that the sole purpose of these parks is to provide entertainment, there also exists a section of the population which dwells on the notion that marine parks are unpleasant for both the animals and the society. Bill Daly is a persistent follower of the latter notion. In his essay Marine Parks, he puts forth the argument that marine parks should be closed down because observing marine animals is much better in the wild instead of being held captive in the marine parks. He states that the research conducted on these marine animals is not reliable, also that visits from foreign tourists will not decline with the demise of these parks. Moreover, he adds that such parks are unnecessary and cruel to these marine mammals. Bill Daly has a strong viewpoint on the reasons he gives for his argument, however, I do not agree with him. Indeed some of his reasoning does make sense, but according to me his reasons seem very theoretical or rather hypothetical and not applicable in the real world. I believe that marine parks should not be closed down. Since, they allow public access to see these animals, they act as tourist attraction spots with economical and financial benefits, they do not hinder scientific

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