Marine Pollution Essay

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Ocean litter is on type of marine pollution, that enters the through several different ways, like ‘at-sea’ dumping by fishing, merchant, recreational ships and cruises. Organisms are affected by the ocean base litter. Animals like fish, sea birds and other marine animals can by trapped and tangled in the litter, or they can ingest little fragments, which they think is ‘food’ (Robe Litter Survey,________). Australians use 13-14 billion drink containers every year. Although recycling makes a difference, many container still end up in beaches and oceans. The drink containers cause death and injuries for many wildlife and marine creatures. Animals like whales and dolphins become victims of land litter, as 80% of majority of the plastics comes directly from land. Dr Jennifer Lavers, researched the impacts of plastics on marine life, claims that 85% of Australian marine birds are affected by plastics (Stop trashing Australia, 2012). Apart from animals getting tangled in debris, it is extremely harmful when there is run down fishing gear, as it results in ‘ghost fishing’. ‘Ghost fishing is hen lost fishing gear continues to catch fish. Larger debris may interfere with the habitat as well. Debris entanglement causes damages the habitat as well like coral reefs and sea grass destruction. Rubbish not only damages the environment but also interferes with it. Some smaller debris come together on the surface of the water and block of the sunlight. This is interfering with the
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