Marine Pollution

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Our country, Malaysia, is one of the world’s developing countries. Due to its rapid development, the country that we live in now is not the same as decades ago. As such it provides some excellent examples of ever changing man-environment relationship that are severely affected. The natural ecosystem has been disrupted due to human activities. One of the cases of human disruption of natural ecosystem in Malaysia that I would like to highlight is the case of oil spillage. The shipping and oil industries in Malaysia is enormous. Thus, it is rather normal to encounter cases of oil spillage in our country. The Malaysian coastal environment is vulnerable to hydrocarbons pollution mainly caused by marine transportation activities, oil exploration and production and discharges of oil wastes from land. According to World Resources Institute Energy, it was estimated that 3.6 million tons of oil spilt in to sea annually, mainly as a result of shipping accidents involving oil tankers and deliberate flushing of tanks and engines as well as offshore and onshore oil well blowouts. In my opinion, marine pollution is a crucial issue that should draw concerns. Marine pollution will cause a great negative effect not only towards living creatures but also to the natural ecosystem. Oil spillage has become quite a common phenomenon in Malaysia. Normally, it only occurs when there are shipping accidents especially on the busiest traffic route like Straits of Malacca, accidents tend to happen

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