Marino Mission Character Analysis

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Have you ever done something sneaky? In the novel Marino Mission . We meet Alexa who is very smart and adventurous who is forced to go to nicaragua with her mom and ends up apart of a clandestine mission Alexa’s mission is very complex Alexa’s mission is clandestined . Alexa’s dangerous mission exudes secrecy by holding information.
Alexa even hold information from her own mom who is blind and new to the whole scene where’s her new job is at . Jose and alexa think’s that puerto marino taking dolphins away from the waters underneath ..In the text laurie wrote Alexa back finally she told Alexa some important information. In the letter Laurie wrote it says “The U.S Military Flew Dolphins to Iraq to help clear the harbor in the Iraq war
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first day at work and Alexa takes a break and goes to the beach. She approach a young men on a boat waving to her saying “Hola” after they met they began to get to know each other a little bit more. It turns out that the both of them are into dolphins.The young men we met on the beach name is Jose he works two jobs to pay for school .Another thing is Alexa dad work at Jose dream College when Alexa be with Jose sometime she get a little shy because she’s not use to being around boys i’m assuming . While Jose and Alexa on their Dangerous mission in the novel it says Jose “He caught his first shark” and he gutted out a tooth and made it for Alexa for a special necklace as a gift . As Alexa received her special present from Jose i know her insides was about t to burst out of her body.In the novel The Marino Mission Jose is a well mannered gentleman .He open doors when they need to be open for Alexa he helps her up by the hand when she need lifting down or lifting up .Jose is a hard working men also he work not one but two jobs .Isn’t that wonderful kids being mature and handling their business without asking other people for hand out’s…show more content…
Who knows Laurie can take the information Alexa gave to her .And turn it into a terrific story for CNN. Plus Laurie trying to impress her boss Jeff so she might just do anything and everything .To get an unique angle on dolphins that nobody have wrote about yet .Another reason why the other side might argue and say the missild her dad about her Dangerous mission .She really didn’t go into detail about the whole thing .Plus her dad is all the way in New York so what can Mr. Mccurry possibly do or say something to anyone ? And who would believe him without him having any proof that it’s true about what he’s saying .Who knows if Alexa is going to tell Laurie .If Alexa do tell Laurie laurie would need to explain also as well how she got the information on the dolphins .Because when you write a story on anything you need proof and evidence to back up
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