Marino Mission: Reflection

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Do you remember a time you had to keep a huge secret? In the novel Marino Mission we meet alexia who is in Nicaragua for the summer with her mother, and is now on a clandestine adventure with her friend Jose. Alexia’s mission is complicated,and it exudes secrecy because Alexa didn 't tell her mom, the mission being on a military base, and the dolphin losing her As you know, Alexa and her friend Jose and searching for a baby dolphin and hasn’t even told her mom. Alexa and Jose have reason to believe that that the baby dolphin named Pucas is at Puerto Marina, but in order to be sure they have to give the dolphin a DNA test, and she needs help but she isn 't telling her mother. “ It was hard to imagine her mother doing anything that could…show more content…
In addition military bases are restricted areas which means not just anyone is allowed there. “ quote “. This indicates that the mission is so secret that they made the location a 9ok,,,lo0 classified area. To clarify the location of the mission being so off limits make it more classified makes the mission more secretive. Additionally, the mission is confidential because pucas lost her baby. In detail the mission being so enclosed it 's hard for her to get help to find it.”quote “ This proves that the mission is so secret that no many people can help Pucas find her baby. As a result, pucas losing her baby further proves how the mission is clandestined. One can argue that Alexa’s mission is not clandestined however I can argue otherwise. You may wonder how the mission is secretive if Alexia told her dad, but on the other hand her dad nowhere near Nicaragua, and the military base where the mission is. For example, when I did research on a article about Dolphins in the Military called The Secret U.S Military Operation by Nick Jones on I can relate it with this situation. In detail, in the article it told me about how classified these dolphins can be on the military base, and this means that it would be almost impossible for the mission to get out from where he is from. You may also be wondering how the mission is clandestined if she
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