Marino Mission Short Story Summary

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How long can you hide the truth?

In the novel, Marino Mission we meet Alexa who goes to Nicaragua when she finds out a dirty secret.
Alexa finds illegal information which she keeps to herself while making friends with Pecas’ the dolphin, Keeping things on the low from her parents, and investing the military base to start her clandestine mission within the story.

To Start with, When Alexa meets and Befriends Pecas’ the dolphin. Moreover, We learn more about the secrets at Puerto Marino. When first meeting Pecas’ who leads the dolphins we learn that she want’s to show them something at Puerto Marino. “ They knew they couldn’t possibly follow Pecas’ where she wanted to go. She was headed straight for Puerto Marino!” In Addition, Through the story we find out more about the facility when
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To begin with, Alexa tells her friend Laurie about her findings in the military base which Laurie could tell to get on the news because she's works at CNN. Again, Laurie wouldn't tell this secret well because that's her friend and she has no right because that's not her business.
In addition, on the computers she sends her friends and father emails on can be traced. You're completely wrong because she uses Jose broken computer he was given so really no way to track it. Thus, After getting on Jamine computer they could've tracked her that way right? No because they honestly think it's Jamine is on her computer just checking out her files so there would be nothing wrong. In conclusion, this mission is sorta not clandestine but since no tells any of the secrets Alexa and Jose discover it is considered clandestine.

Therefore, How long can you keep a secret and in Alexa case as long as she needs to before this mission is over. In conclusion, within the book Marino Mission the mission of secrets done by Alexa and Jose is clandestine by these facts shown and given from the
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