Mario Puzo's Story: The Godfather

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Mario Puzo and Introduction Mario Puzo was an American Screenwriter and Author who is best known for his Novel which was later adapted into one of the most famous movie series of all times "The Godfather". Birth, Rise to Fame and Death Mario Puzo was born on October 15 ,1920 in an area of New York known as Hell 's Kitchen. Mario 's Father was an illiterate and poor immigrant who abandoned Mario and his mother during Mario 's early teens as he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was institutionalized.Mario 's mother wanted Mario to be a railroad clerk but Mario had took a liking to visiting the libraries and read different works of literature.Later on Mario worked as a railroad switchboard attendant to support his family. In a short span he was stationed to Germany and East India during the Second World War while serving for the US Air Force.He worked as a Civilian Public relations man in Germany for the United States of America 's Air Force after the war ended. After returning back to the United States from Germany Mario continued with his passion for literature. He studied literature and creative writing the New School for Social Research and Columbia University. In 1946 Puzo married Erika Lina Broske whom he met in Germany. The couple together had two daughters and three sons. After the death of his wife Erika in 1978 Puza later married Carol Gina who was Erika 's nurse. In 1950,The American Vanguard published Puzo 's story, The Last Christmas which was Puzo 's first

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