Maris Marshall Character Analysis

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A single mother from the Bronx who possesses every quality of having great character, leadership, and honesty and should be given everything she deserves. In the 2002 Sony Pictures Film, Maid in Manhattan, Marisa Ventura meets her uptown prince Chris Marshall by destiny and a mistaken identity. Marisa puts herself in a compromising situation manipulating not only herself, but Chris also. In hopes of changing her career choice from a maid in a first-class Manhattan hotel, to a manager of a first-class Manhattan hotel, she runs into a stumbling block. Due to her adverse occurrences, surely she has to keep up this masquerade that could not only jeopardize everything she has worked for but, it could also cause her fairy tale and happy ending she’s…show more content…
With his secretary, Jerry breathing down his neck at every moment of the day he wants nothing more to just get out, walk his dog Rufus, and get some fresh air. Inevitably, Marisa and Chris run into each other while she is cleaning his restroom. At this time, he doesn’t notice who she is. Introducing the Goddess of the Park Suite, Caroline, who treats Marisa like her servant, is a wealthy socialite in which Marisa takes on her identity. By accident that is. Marisa asks Stephanie to help her clean the Park Suite. Instead of Stephanie cleaning she goes over to the closet and sees that there is a $5,000 Dolce & Gabana outfit in the closet, she knows it isn’t right but yet she pressures Marisa into trying it on. When bringing Ty to work with her one morning, he gets bored of sitting in the laundry room. Ultimately, Ty just so happens to meet Chris Marshall in the elevator while Chris was on his way to walk his dog. Ty being a 10 year old kid holds an intriguing conversation with Chris that he is very impressed with, and invites him along to go walking. When Ty goes up to the Park Suite to ask if he can accompany Chris on his walk, not only do they finally meet, but they instantly make a connection. As a result of Chris finally meeting her, they begin a relationship of some
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