Marisol By Jose Rivera Character Analysis

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In Bucknell University’s production of Marisol by Jose Rivera, one of the central themes is chaos and the effects of chaos. This theme of chaos is in part seen through the inconsistent timeline of the play. Chaos is also seen through the development of the main characters Marisol, June, and Lenny. Jose Rivera’s purpose in writing about chaos is to parallel the real life experiences of so many people before and even now that live the lives of his characters in Marisol. The chaos is present to give voice to the real people who lived in uncertainty, enduring the insane events of the play. A good amount of the play's content was either seen by or happened to Jose Rivera himself. The play Marisol calls to light the chaos in everyday reality.
Throughout the production, there is a sporadic order of events and their relation to each other. The theme of chaos stems from these inconsistencies and lack of chronology. When Marisol is first introduced she is a working adult living in the Bronx with a white-collar job in Manhattan. The very first scene in the play establishes the chaos. The man with the cane nearly attacks Marisol and we hear her pray to go. More character development in chaos that establishes her as religious.
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The Man with Burn Scars serves as a symbol for all the underlying themes of this play. In the short amount of time that Man with Burn Scars is on stage he touches on multiple themes such as sexuality, religion, inequality, injustice, and sanity versus insanity. By symbolizing all these themes in one body the Man with Burn Scars himself is an embodiment of chaos. When Marisol kisses Man with Burn Scars she is dressed in all white. She is a symbol of innocence, purity, and peace in a world that is falling apart. When Marisol and Man with Burn Scars kiss it is when the two worlds pre-apocalypse and post-apocalypse collide, creating a new form of
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