Marisol The Show Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…The show opens with young editor Marisol Perez getting attacked while riding home on the subway, and her guardian angel interfering. Her angel tells her that God is dying, and that the world is spiraling out of control, so the angels are going to war to fix the situation. Without her guardian angel, Marisol has to fight for herself for the first time in a deteriorating city. She meets many interesting people, such as Scar Tissue and Ice Cream, both played by junior Michiah Swaim. “I enjoy my character Ice Cream and Scar Tissue because they are both different from each other yet they both reflect the different stages of crazy in Marisol,” said Swaim. Palmieri summed up the show by saying, “It’s got some humor, it’s got some social commentary. Although written in 1992, it really addresses some issues we’re struggling with now. If I had to say one sentence I would say: Marisol is about urban guerilla theatre.” Most TJ productions are put on in the auditorium, but Marisol is being rehearsed and performed in the smaller Black Box theatre. “The Black Box theatre is smaller,” elaborated Palmieri, “but that makes it a very intimate event, where the audience is very close to the actors. As matter of fact, the actors at some points are out in the audience, which makes for a kind of unique experience; things like lighting cues, set pieces just kind of spice it up. I think people will recognize the touch TJ theatre puts on
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