Identity In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

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Have you ever wondered how perspective changes ? Maybe it 's age,experience,background or identity. A direct correlation is found In Marjane Satrapi’s book,Persepolis. In which Marjane’s Satrapi’s perspective derives from her social class, religion, as well as political and Social awareness. Which also changes as she gets older. At the start of the book, Marjane is ten and lives in a modernized country. By the 1980’s, a new power comes into play and changes the country into a strict, religion based, failed nation. While the Shah institutes his principals,the citizens institute their own. They do this by protesting the newly risen, strict government. And, by the end…show more content…
As well as the current state of her country. She starts to doubt her god, and the impact of her religion of the rise of the new Shah. “I really didn’t know what to think about the veil. Deep down I was very religious but as a family we were very modern and avant-garde”. Once more,this shows that she is very conflicted about her religion. Additionally,later in the book,marjane has a falling out with her god. After this, she lets other cultural influences take a hold on her perspective.Lastly, Marjane’s political and social awareness also influences her perspective.Thus,making her perspective influenced by her age difference. This photo of the butterfly cycle shows the caterpillar evolution into a grown butterfly.Where it connects to Persepolis by showing that at the beginning of the book Marjane is young and not completely aware of what is going on in Iran.Gradually in the story, Marjane evolves and learns to understand what state her country really is in. She learned through books.”“to enlighten me they bought me books” (pg 12).Slowly as Marjane evolves, her perspective on the revolution evolves.And by the end of the book, Marjane turns into a politically aware person,who understands why conflict is breaking out. In conclusion,Marjane Satrapi’s perspective was changed by the Social classes,her religion and her political and social awareness.Marjane was also influenced by outside influences. Such as
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