Marjane Satrapi's The Shabbat

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Literary Analysis Marjane Satrapi did an exceptional job on the audience getting the feeling of her experience throughout the reading of “The Shabbat.” When I saw the title, I thought Sabbath, Holy Day, and for that Holy Day you are not suppose to do anything on that day. In the book, that was the same thing, but you had to stay indoors for that day. Even the title implies that it has something to do with religion or is going to involve a religious matter in the reading. I believe the author expressed her point of view through her character and the events that took place, such as using her childhood, sacrifice’s, and emotions. First, Marji, was the main character that she used throughout the story to express all the emotion and meaning. Marji…show more content…
Marji’s friend, Neda. When the last missile went off, Marji heard it hit and listened on the radio that it hit “Tavanir Village” (Satrapi 25). That’s where she lived and she thought her house was the target. She sprinted towards that area to see if her parents were there, but before she could reach the house her mother ran into her. Filled with joy and relief knowing that her mother was okay and that the missile did not hit their house, but knowing that it hit right next to them. That is where her friend, Neda, lived, seeing Marji wondering and asking her mother, “At least they weren’t Home!” (Satrapi 28). Her mother, trying to avoid the question not wanting to worry her daughter anymore as she is, but she finally responded with, “Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath. Wherever they are, Jews are suppose to go home.” (Satrapi 28). Seeing Marji face reacting and seeming like she knew they were inside when the missile hit, almost like a sicking feeling deep down in your gut. When passing the Baba-Levy’s house, she noticed her friends bracelet, “the bracelet was still attached to…I don’t know what…” (Satrapi 29). The bracelet symbolized the fear, disgust, and the unbelievable that it happened and took her friend’s
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