Mark Antony's Persuasive Speech

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In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Mark Antony delivers a Stronger and more persuasive funeral oration due to his effective use of ethos,logos, and pathos. Like most of William Shakespeare's tragedies, Julius Caesar is loosely based around true events during the Roman era. Julius Caesar is based on a Roman Emperor who ruled the empire until his death. Although the play is named Julius Caesar, the main characters are Brutus and Mark Antony. Mark Antony makes a speech that is far more persuasive than Brutus’ because Antony pointed out many true facts, and stated things that question if Brutus was an honourable man. Antony provided a more persuasive speech than Brutus due to his effect ofethos. Brutus speaks “Mourned by Mark Antony; who though had no hand in his death, shall…show more content…
Antony speaks “You all did love him once not without cause; what cause withholds you then, to mourn for him?”. Antony uses emotional attachment and guilt to convince the audience. But what really made Antony's speech stronger in the sense of pathos, was the fact that Antony used the audiences own feelings against them, which made them feel more guilty, which is what led to Antony making a stronger emotional impact with the audience. - - is effective use Antony delivered a stronger and more persuasive funeral oration due to his effect us Caesar. Antony was very smart about what he said, and all the examples and S - * ch was convincing. 2 - - ver Brutus Spee speech more persuading than Brutus' to win the audience o just not as convincing as Antony's. Brutus used some examples and facts that weren't very strong and didn't really support mainly just his argument. Antony's speech was overall stronger than Brutus and Antony made stronger points and was most effective of the
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