Mark Braider's Rhetorical Analysis

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A prominent political analyst and author Mark Braider recently made the case in a 2015 New York Times piece stating that corporations and their influence on our government is a major, often un-recognized pitfall of America. While many may be ignorant of the issue, those who are informed often come to the same conclusions as Braider in his argument about to which the extent of corporations in America affect our government and way of life; often for the worse. Looking at the macro scale at which government has an effect the lives we live; private prisons serve as the epitome in commercial-political interaction. The issue of private prisons the reason why I strongly agree with Braider’s controversial opinion about the importance of informing the ignorant of this pressing issue. American politics work somewhat simply at the legislative level in regards to their relationships with major companies and corporations. For members of both the congress and the senate, they require money to get…show more content…
The industry has much power in states that learn further right-wing in the political sphere; mostly due to the views of many regarding the restriction of the government power and preference for the privation of most all services. When prisons are privatized, profits then become the main purpose and as a result, those incarcerated in privatized institutions often suffer as a result; mostly in the poor food, labor conditions, and overcrowding. This issue of terrible conditions of these prisons doesn’t just influence the incarcerated, they instead affect society as they often fail at rehabilitation, even at a higher rate than public, creating more crime when those incarcerated are reintroduced into
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