Mark Brittain's Abortion: True Or Dishonest?

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Mark Brittain could be described as dishonest, as he lies about many things throughout the book. For example, his relationship with Jody Mueller, while they were dating he had gotten her pregnant and not wanting anyone to know he sent to alone to have an abortion but, when in CAT class whilst talking on the subject of abortion he said it was wrong and against his religion to get abortions. After this had happened, Jody told the class about her abortion in which Mark called her a liar. After being released from the hospital after his suicide attempt, he went back to the class and told them the truth, “‘i’m a liar’ Mark said. ‘I think the last words I said to the class were that Jody Mueller was a liar. Not so. Jody got an abortion just like…show more content…
I say this as Sarah has a it hard her entire life and after getting burned, she was unable to talk, so she wasn’t able to tell the truth about what happened to her. Instead the story that people know of her is what her father told them, that she was burned by a pot of spaghetti falling onto her, by the time she was able to speak it was too late to tell anybody what happened as everything had already ended. “‘Mom got a knife out of the drawer and came at him, but he got ahold of me in front of him and backed through the open hallway into the living room,laughing. Then he said ‘Here’s your pretty little baby for you,’ and I looked up and saw the wood stove coming right at my face. I put my hands out and…”’(Crutcher 143). She finally told Eric what happened but it took years of them being friends for her to finally trust her enough to tell him what actually happened. Sarah Byrnes is unheard as her whole life she has had to lie about what happened so her father wouldn’t kill her. I believe that Steve Ellerby would be described as mellow. I believe this because he usually does whatever he wants without any care of what he is doing. When Eric called him to pick of sarah from the hospital he did not care and just went along with it, “He pulled up besides up, glanced stealthily both ways before leaping out to open the back door. He said ‘in.’” (crutcher 202). He didn’t question why they were leaving, the only question he had was where they were going as he was the driver. He always just goes with what he is given. Steve Ellerby to me would be described as
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