Mark Cuban Characteristics

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The public leader I have chosen is a businessman, investor, tv personality, author, and philanthropist, Mark Cuban. Mr. Cuban is well known for starting up his own business MicroSolutions, after being fired for meeting with a potential client and not opening the store. After selling MicroSolutions, he went on to build and sale Audionet and for 5.7 billion dollars. From those earnings he bought the majority stake of the Dallas Maverick basketball franchise and became a staple on the NBC television show Shark Tank. The reason I chose Mark Cuban is for his fierce competitive attitude which is seen in his business adventures and leadership. Both Cuban and I have a deep sports upbringing which has shaped us in how we lead. There are three characteristics of Cuban that I take great pride into emulating in anything I do which is effort, passion, and competition. Those characteristics have very strong ties to the transformative…show more content…
They are role models for the beliefs and values they want their followers to adopt (Northhouse, 2014, p. 193). They communicate high expectations for their followers, and they exhibit confidence in followers’ abilities to meet those expectations” (Northhouse, 2014, p. 189).
Mr. Cuban exhibits these three characteristics of transformative leadership in every aspect of his leadership. His charisma is exhibited from his unbelievable passion and effort. Cuban prides himself in constantly doing research about the industry his business is competing in. This pride becomes an expectation when working with others in business adventures. He is continually trying to be the best and encourages his employees to speak up if they think something can be done better. In addition, he puts his email up at Dallas Mavericks games to encourage fans to let him know what he or his businesses can be doing to be
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