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Abstract An analysis of a person from the supervisory management field. Mark Cuban is a famous business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. This business report will answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions regarding Mark Cuban’s professional success in his many diverse business endeavors.
Mark Cuban Profile Mark Cuban is a successfully known business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He was born on July 31, 1958 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up in the suburb of Mount Lebanon in a Jewish working-class family. His father worked at a car upholstery shop and his grandfather emigrated from Russia. Morris Chobanisky, Cuban’s grandfather, sold merchandise out of the back of a truck to feed his family. His mother
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This business purchase would prove to be his most challenging. The Mavericks had gone more than a decade of not making it to the playoffs and he was forced to revamp not only the team culture, but also a new stadium. Cuban was already known for his enthusiasm and over the top attitude and he showed this by sitting among the fans, egging on opponents, and throwing shame to the referees. He was fined $100,00 for confronting referees and using inappropriate language towards them and an additional $100,00 for comments he had made while trying to sign LeBron James during an interview. In the first year owned by Cuban, the Mavericks qualified for the playoffs. They set a franchise record for wins and then made it to the Finals in 2006, but lost. The Mavericks turned around and defeated the Miami Heat in 2011 to win the NBA title. During this time, he launched his own blog on his thoughts of NBA basketball which became very popular. According to Mark Cuban (2018), the Mavericks are currently listed as one of Forbes’ most valuable franchises in…show more content…
He owns the Landmark Theatres chain and Magnolia Pictures and is the executive producer of some recent movies. He has also made some appearances in a couple of television series, so he has entered the world of film and television production, as well. Cuban stays on top of current technology and voiced campaigning for the most recent U.S. presidency. Instead, he supported Hillary Clinton in the campaign. Cuban is an investor with a continually growing portfolio of businesses and is known as one of the ‘sharks’ on the hit show Shark Tank. According to Brunner (2018), for Mark Cuban, one of the best parts of being on ABC’s Shark Tank is experiencing how the show inspires others. He believes that with hard work, anyone can start a business. The difference in the success of a business is being prepared. He says that you must put in the time to understand the business, so you can be better than your competitor. He has invested nearly $20 million in 85 deals over 111 Shark Tank episodes. Cuban is the richest of all sharks appearing on the

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