Mark Edmondson On The Uses Of A Liberal Education Summary

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Sign of the Changing Times
People who try to fit in with the crowd become impotent, it takes unique people to influence the world. Why adapt when you can be yourself? These statements are evident in Mark Edmondson’s, “On the Uses of a Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment for Board College Students”. In his piece college students obsess over American consumer culture and flee from being original. The college system parents and students pay for are corrupt markets. Education institutions devote themselves to their sole interest of pleasing Weltanschauung customers. Edmondson is passionate and enthusiastic about educating readers about this devastating crisis. This professor of English uses effective persuasion in his essay. He also uses
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The school systems aim to please these new age college students because they essentially pay the bills.
Consumption maybe on the rise but college students are more than the shrewd remarks Edmondson argues in his piece. Although his experience as a professor leads him to the assumption that all college students are the same, he has not encountered the whole population. Edmondson’s challenges are learning how to complete with the twenty first century ethos. He has to learn how to adapt to the changing society. Belittling students and their culture will only negativity impact his cause.
Liberal-Arts Education is spiraling down the road to destruction, because it tries to complete with the consumer market. Instead of education institutions focusing on having the best credentials, they focus on attracting the riches clienteles. Most students focus solely on becoming chameleons, individualism goes against the cultural norm. Mark Edmondson (academic scholar) advises readers in, “On the Uses of a Liberal Education” that the world needs more students who express their genuine emotions. His sharp voice speaks through the pages as he observes youth culture
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