Mark Edmundson Dwelling In Possibilities Summary

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In his essay “Dwelling in Possibilities”, Mark Edmundson claims that students today have a drive to experience the world, but that their incessant need to keep their options open prevents them from fully appreciating what they have. When he claims this, however, he provides evidence, both anecdotal and statistical, and does it in a way to doesn 't come across as condescending or disapproving, unlike the majority of older adults commenting on the peculiarities of the Millennial generation. His work shows a genuine interest and curiosity into the causes, and effects, of this mindset on young adults. Generally speaking, Edmundson’s essay is a composition I can agree with. He posits that the desire exhibited by many members of my own generation, a desire I myself relate to,…show more content…
It seems that being perpetually distracted had become the norm, and that in order to be truly and fully present, intentional effort must be made. For example, many people use phones as a way to make plans with other people, or to explore future possibilities. While this is positive, it shouldn 't be allowed to get in the way of what is going on right now. Technology should by all meany be used to make plans, but one the plans are set in motion the phone should be set down so that you can actually enjoy what you 're doing. Living in the future may seem appealing, with its infinite options, but n reality it can 't hold a candle to existing in the moment and being involved with those around you. I would argue that being fully connected to one moment, person, or experience, is better than being partially involved with a multitude. People who are the most impactful in the world are sold out to what they believe in. They aren 't keeping their options open, waiting for something better. Committing to stick with something through thick and thin is an admirable trait we should all
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