Mark Haddon's Narrative Voice

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An individual’s mannerisms are evident through their narrative voice. Haddon uses Chris’ narrative voice to give the readers insight to Chris’ seemingly strange mannerisms and way of life. Which may cause them to become aware of Chris’ disability, autism. Chris’ narrative voice portrays that Christopher tends to take note of every detail of all aspects of life. He seems to not understand that others do not care for the details like him. This is demonstrated when Chris tries to incorporate conjunctions in a listing manner, but fails the attempt due to his teacher aid, Siobhan. He made mention of this by stating “And there were 31 more things in the list of things I noticed but Siobhan said I didn’t need to write them all down.” This attention to detail encourages the readers to consider their own attention to detail and create links between Chris’ attention and disability.…show more content…
This is shown in Curious when Haddon highlights the words that describe Christopher’s day. Through the perspective of Christopher, he mentioned “So because it was a Super Good Day I decided to walk into the park with Mrs Alexander even though it scared me.” The use of bolding places emphasis on Chris’ perspective on the day. Which then confronts the readers about Chris’ varying levels of courage based on a methodical system; whereas, most people would have different amounts of courage depending on each situation instead of the day. Which makes Chris un-relatable, furthering the readers’ suspicion of Chris’ autistic
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