Mark Jones Antinomianism Analysis

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Mark Jones analyzes Antinomianism with comparing to Reformed Theology. The main theological error of Antinomian’s thinking is that they put too much stress upon the doctrine of justification; furthermore, they interpret the rest of doctrines in Christianity from a biased perspective of justification. They even argue that good works are not significant for Christians because God does not see the sins of His children and does not anger to His children; therefore, the law is not important for Antinomians after the first coming of Christ. Regarding these problematic understanding, Jones suggests a solution for Antinomianism, that is concentrating on the real meaning of Christology; in other words, to rediscover and redefine the person and work…show more content…
Antinomians attack Puritans regarding the assurance issue “instead of promoting justification by faith, … instilled a deep dependence on legal works of sanctification … The result was rampant legalism and formalism.” (p. 99) Also, Saltmarsh describes “Christ has believed perfectly, … repented perfectly, … obeyed perfectly, [and] mortified sin perfectly.” (p.100) Thus, the faith in Christ is the most significant for assurance of salvation for Antinomians. Nevertheless, Mark Jones assesses them “Again, this is a classic example of the either-or fallacy.” (p.100) Reformed theologians also agree their argument on the importance of the faith, and their point is certainly true; however, the reformed theologians put stress upon not only the object of faith but also upon the sanctification. The divines believe that the sanctification of believers is essential on the issue of assurance, so they explain that the faith causes the justification and the sanctification both because of the law and the gospel and the complacent love of God. Thus, although the sanctification cannot earn the justification, the justification can cause sanctification. It means that if a believer deeply understands the value of saving work of Christ and the justification, he will love the law to be sanctified and will make efforts to do good works, that is the sanctification could be a…show more content…
If they have a too much humanistic view such Classical Liberalism did, we can consider them as a heresy or consider their theology bad theology. However, in this case, it seems quite different. In a case of Saltmarsh, it is hard to say that their faith is not Christ centered. This book is not enough to understand Antinomians’ core motivation of their thinking, but they seem to incline toward the saving work of Christ heavily. They may surely love Christ, but in spite of their sincere love, Christological apologies of Mark Jones look to be certainly reasonable and irrefutable. I believe that one of the crucial points of Jones’ for Antinomian is that even Christ also depended on the Holy Spirit and needed assurance. The second Adam obviously showed how Christian should live and should be sanctified. Comprehension about this human nature of Christ may encourage a fallen believer to love and believe our Lord Christ because Christ also felt what we feel and struggled what we struggle, but finally He accomplished what we cannot do instead of
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