Mark Mathabane Analysis

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The Analytical Essay Mark Mathabane , Malcolm X and Richard Rodriguez they all had a problem with education . for example Mark Mathabane with his problem about his mom paying to go to school and his dad beating her up. Or Richard Rodriguez with him reading tons of books that he doesn't understand thinking he will be educated . Malcolm X with him trying to be educated then quite because his teacher said he wouldn't go nowhere . Mark Mathabane he did not like education , when he was forced to go to school for the first time . He first saw the bad boys saying of how school was useless when he said “ they hated it and thought it was a waste of time” (1) . So he had a bad first impression .So his mom and his grandma literally tied him to rops…show more content…
Then When his teacher said you need to read to be educated , he started reading books above his matching . Then when he takes off reading , he really doesn't understand what he’s reading because everything is advanced . And he thought he was “getting educated”.When he wasn't . Some else quote is “From an early age I knew that my mother and dad could read and write both Spanish and English” (1) , but they did not teach him how to speak spanish , so he would often could get called “coconut” , so he got made fun of , paradoxical of Mark Mathabane. Along with in the text it also says “In fourth grade I embarked upon a grandiose reading program. “Give me the names of important books I would say to startled teachers. They soon found out that I had in mind adult books. I ignored their suggestions of anything I suspected was written for children” So he also tries to write books above his level which really did not get him “educated” as he says `he really did not understand a thing , which really didn't make him educated
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