Mark Mcgwire Biography

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From being a below average hitter to an extraordinary hitter over years in the majors is nothing new to baseball but extraordinary doesn’t even come close to explaining how good of a batter Mark McGwire became after 10 years in the majors. Just to give a little look at how good of a hitter he had become, his first year he had three home runs with a .189 batting average and by his tenth year he had 52 home runs with .312 batting average. That doesn’t even fully explain the extent of McGwire 's hitting. In 1998 he broke the record for most homeruns in a single season, previously held by Roger Maris with 61, with 70. He profoundly made his mark in Mlb history. Being a Missouri native, Angela Juergensmeyer grew up watching St. Louis Cardinals baseball with her family and enjoying every minute of it. She grew up watching John Tudor, Ozzie Smith, and all the greats from St. Louis play baseball. She new a inconsequential amount of information about Mark McGwire before his debut with the Cardinals but never really watched him play until his first year with the Cardinals in 1997. She knew about his career over in Oakland and how he was an average player so she wasn’t the biggest…show more content…
Angela was at home watching the local news station with her two toddlers when she heard the devastating news. She was so astonished by the fact that he admitted to it after all these years that she spilt her drink on her sweatpants. While Angela watched the report she remembers Mark apologizing for using steroids, admitting when he used them, and saying that he used them for health purposes rather than getting more muscle. The New York Times reported that “He briefly tried steroids after the 1989 season but did not begin using them regularly until the winter after the 1993 season, when he was mired in a painful period of his career that included repeated trips to the disabled list, partly because of injuries to both heels”
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