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Tori Rosemann

Kasey Davis

College Prep English

31 March 2017

Mark McGwire Admits to Steroid Use

It was early in January when the whispers first started in the St. Louis area. The news being spread across the city almost seemed like a bad game of telephone. One person started it and by the time it reached you, you thought the news had to be mixed up. That wasn’t the case this time. It was not until you heard the news go across social media and then broadcasted on the radio, that the Cardinal fans knew the whispers were the truth. The man on the radio announced “BREAKING NEWS: Mark McGwire admits to steroid use!” At this point, the whispers turned to shouts. Everyone finally knew the truth about the great baseball player, Mark McGwire.
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Throughout all of Mark McGwire 's season he hit 70 home runs. This is about ten more than the great Babe Ruth hit. “I do not believe for a second he could have hit that many home runs without the use of drugs” (Tim). McGwire has said multiple times that no pills or injections could give someone the hand-eye coordination to hit a baseball as well as him. McGwire is right, pills or injections do not give you hand-eye coordination but, they do give you more power when you do hit the ball. However, from the year Mark admitted he started using his batting average increased by 11% and his on-base percentage of 19%. “Whether Mark McGwire used steroids simply for his injuries or for his injuries and to bat better, it still happened and statistics show that he gained power from the drugs” (Tim). Steroids, being the powerful drug it is, can cause multiple strengths and gains you may not even be noticed. It is possible that Mark seriously does believe that the steroids were only helping him heal and not become a better athlete, but for the ones who are sitting in the bleachers or behind a TV screen to see it more clearly. When you think back to all the times you sat in the bleachers and watched a great athlete grow to an amazing athlete, you may not want to see Mark McGwire as the amazing athlete you watched him grow. You may see that the credit now must go to the steroids, but steroids do not make up McGwire 's personality, hard-work, and dedication. Steroids built Mark McGwire’s playing abilities up to a new level, but the steroids do not make someone work as hard as

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