Mark Pfeifle's 'Changing The Face Of Social Activism'

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Social media has always been a beneficial tool for the society. It is an inexpensive wildly accessible electronic tool that enables anyone to share, exchange and collaborate on common grounds. This joint effort allows people to connect and resolve critical and important issues. Social media is the fastest and the easiest way for the community to get involved and contribute to some of the most important decisions. Social media also enhances on to the steps taken toward a meaningful change. In todays fast paced world social media is the easiest and the quickest way for the society to get involved and make a difference. With just a click of a button anyone can support a certain cause or idea, even resolve complicated issues involving politics. For instance, in the essay "Changing the Face(book) of Social Activism," Mark Pfeifle discusses the possible benefits of social media and how its advancements have affected the society. He provides several examples that support the concept of social media and the political benefits social media has…show more content…
But she also accepts the fact that clicking does not make a big difference, but it is a start toward the concept of making a difference. She states that "Denise Keyes, executive director of the George center, said in a press release announcing the study 's findings. ' But what we found is that they 're actually supplementing- not replacing-actions like donating, volunteering and planning events" ' (Schlumpf 595). This comment proves that social media is not replacing the more "meaningful" actions with simple clicks, instead the tools available by the means of social media are adding on to the actions like donation and volunteering, instead because of Social media people are more aware of the social events that are taking place

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