Mark Rothko's Argument Essay: Americans For The Arts

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Mark Rothko once said “Art is such an action. It is a kindred form of action to idealism. They are both expressions of the same drive, and the man who fails to fulfill this urge in one form or another is as guilty of escapism as the one who fails to occupy himself with the satisfaction of bodily needs.” Simply put, art is a necessity, however there is a lack of support for the arts. The text I have chosen, Americans for the Arts (, is a website dedicated to advancing the arts and providing opportunities for people in local communities to get involved in the arts in some form or fashion. By visiting the website, viewers are able to read articles about art in regards to it’s involvement in education, the economy, business, different communities, etc.…show more content…
Ultimately, the website is trying to raise awareness and appreciation for the arts. This text plays a vital role in arts advocacy, seeing how it is the main source of information for raising awareness and providing leadership opportunities and connections for advocates. In this essay, I will include interviews I have conducted with stakeholders stating the pros and cons of the text, and will defend my argument of why I think this website is doing wonders for the arts. With that being said, I believe the Americans for the Arts website is effective because of it’s use of logos, ethos, pathos and rhetoric, it is easily accessible to its audience of stakeholders, and it is ultimately increasing awareness and appreciation for the
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