Mark Seal The Shooting Star And The Model Analysis

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The article “The Shooting Star And The Model” is written by Mark Seal, and contributing editor of the magazine series Vanity Fair. Mark Seal is a contributing editor writing about Oscar Pistorius’s upbringing of how everything has led to the events of his behavior that transpired to the fatal night of Reeva Steenkamps killing by the hands of her then boyfriend Oscar Pistorius on Valentine’s Day on February 14 of 2013. The violent tendencies of Oscar’s actions were the result that ended Reeva Steenkamps life sadly. What paths took the couple to that fatal night Mark Seal investigates the relationship of the “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius and his model-girlfriend Reeva SteenKamp in the magazine issue of Vanity Fair in June of 2103. The start…show more content…
They were far from being the “it couple” or the “power couple” that everyone would look up to due to Pistorius’s violent past with other women. Many have become known of Pistorius’s violent pasts and the one who knows Pistorius well is Detective Botha and his wife and many other ex-lovers of Oscar. Detective Botha would arrive at the crime scene after 15 minutes of getting the call from his colonel. Hilton Botha arrives at Pistorius’s high-security gated community of Silver Woods County Estate, In Pretoria, one of the county’s three capitals, 30 miles north of Johannesburg. Botha walks into the scene of witnessing the body of Reeva Steenkamp lying at the bottom of the staircase in the house that she shared with then boyfriend Pistorius. Someone tried to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive her in an attempt to do so someone tried to tie a tourniquet around her arm to stop the profusely bleeding from one of the gunshot wounds. While, she was lying on the ground she was still partially alive and breathing while, still was making gurgling sounds but, she wouldn’t make it through because of the gruesome head wounds. After she stopped breathing they covered her body to preserve the body and the evidence. The detective went around the house to the marble staircase and to the master bedroom where he would being to piece the crime scene together piece by piece…show more content…
Reeva was an activist for domestic violence but, she was sadly taken by something she stood whole heartily against. As Oscar’s fame began to rise be was more obnoxious towards everyone surrounding him and began to get more violent. Others couldn’t stay alongside with Pistorius in the same area as a roommate told an interviewer stating that “I moved out. Oscar is always shouting at the people on the phone” (10th paragraph page 14) Oscar’s behavior caused many to see him as an embarrassment to himself and to the world and his country. He began to drink more heavily, and changed from what his friends call “The good old lads” (10th paragraph page 14) to the “Southern Jo’Burg tattooed skinhead-gang type” (10th paragraph page 14). He later, began to surround himself with people who used violence and rage as an outlet for whatever they feel. Many of him friends didn’t see his behavior taking a turn for the worse but, knew something would eventually begin to crack. Not long after the fame and money he began to pile up on guns and going to the shooting range and began to show his shots onto social media. In Mark Seal’s concluding paragraph it comes out to be that Oscar is a very conceited person saying “I always win” (17th paragraph page 22). The question maybe on everybody’s mind is that “Have we unwittingly cultivated a monster”.

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