Mark Shaw Global Awakening Summary

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Shaw, Mark. Global Awakening: How 20th Century Revivals Triggered a Christian Revolution. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2010, 221 pages.

Global Awakening?is one of the recent works by Mark Shaw, an American who has spent twenty-five years teaching in Africa, and who presently serves as director of the world Christianity program at the African International University in Nairobi, Kenya. He studied World Christianity at the University of Edinburg (M.Th.) and the history of Christianity at Westminster Theological Seminary (Th.D.). He has written several books that include?Work, Play, Love: A Visual Guide to Calling, Career and the Mission of God, 10 Great Ideas from Church History,?and?The Kingdom of God in Africa: A Short History of African Christianity.
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Nations such as Nigeria, Korea and China annually send thousands of missionaries around the world. Christianity is a global movement, expressing itself in the languages and cultures of the majority of people groups worldwide. Mark Shaw, in his book Global Awakening: How 20th Century Revivals Triggered a Christian Revolution, states that ?[t]o miss the rise and significance of the new World Christianity would be like a concerned Christian in sixteenth-century northern Europe missing Luther and the Reformation? (Shaw 2010, 11). Shaw?s premise for the book is to prove that revivals are the reason for the global resurgence of Christianity. The purpose of this paper is to summarize and critique the book and to state whether Shaw proved his
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