Mark Shriver Still I Rise Analysis

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Some authors have the special ability to create pieces of literature that have an everlasting effect on their readers, simply through the words of their writing. Mark Shriver and Maya Angelou are perfect examples of such authors. Mark Shiver wrote an inspirational biography of his father, Sargent Striver, and his many accomplishments in his novel, A Good Man. Maya Angelou, a civil rights activist and author, writes about overcoming constant abuse based on her race in her poem, “Still I Rise.” Both, Mark Shriver’s novel and Maya Angelou’s poem, are empowering pieces of writing that represent Marywood University’s core value, Excellence. Mark Shriver’s biography of his father is the perfect representation of excellence, a value that Marywood University highly regards. Throughout his life, Sargent Shriver did an incredible amount of good for his family, friends, and all of America. Shriver is credited for founding the Peace Corp and aiding President Lyndon B. Johnson with his War on Poverty. Shriver also did an abundance of charitable deeds for his loved ones. He arranged President John F. Kennedy’s funeral when no one else was up to the job. Sargent Shriver is a perfect example of Marywood’s core value, excellence, because throughout his life he accomplished many personable deeds that helped him achieve his highest potential as a father, political…show more content…
In the poem, Angelou stands up against the people that have torn her down because of her race and femininity. “You may kill me with your hatefulness” (Angelou 23), she tells them, “But still, like air, I’ll rise” (Angelou 24). Maya Angelou is displaying excellence in her poem by achieving her highest potential as an African American woman, regardless of the degrading comments people make about her. Maya Angelou’s poem teaches its readers to accept the person they are, no matter what people, or society, think of
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