Mark Strand's Poem

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Solitude At one point in anyone’s life, no matter how much friends ones have or how deep ones relationships with their love ones are. Loneliness is inevitable. Now, how anyone deal with it are different. As for Mark Strand, the poet, he developed this feeling of solitude and integrated it with in his poems, using it as a theme and represent it from three different perspectives in three of his poems: “Lines for the winner”, “Keeping things whole” and “The Remains.” In the first poem "Lines for the Winner" (Mark Strand, 1979), as the title suggested, is a poem related to accomplishment or how to accomplish certain goals. Strand claimed such thing came with a price and the pay is none other than solitude. The overall poem could be said to be written in a third person perspective, like Strand or the narrator in the poem was talking to someone. In the first stanza: Tel¬l yourself as it gets cold and gray falls from the air that you will go on walking, hearing the same tune no matter where you find yourself -- () gave off the feeling of ignorance, the feeling of trying to resist changes hinted in the second line where the author mentioned the air that changes its color to gray or that the temperature dropped. Both points can be interpreted as the changes that occurred in a worse direction and yet, in the fifth line. It said for us to never change or falter even those changes that occurred were for the worse. The senses of only focusing on one thing alone and never subject to
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