Mark The Gospel Of Mark Analysis

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Mark, one of the four evangelists in the New Testament, introduces us to Jesus through a whole new prophecy. Mark’s main message is that Jesus Christ is the Messiah – and as an informative writer, he speaks with such passion and knowledge of Jesus. Mark makes a lot of connections to the scriptures of the Old Testament, showing us the continuum of the Messiah – who everyone has been waiting for and talking about in the scriptures . Mark’s story on the resurrection is short, but it leaves the readers to wonder - if the women did not tell the people about having seen the Angel, how would people know about the resurrection? His passage reveals that he believed that Christ would return soon, that even without the women, the disciples would have found Jesus alive. By using foreshadowing, Mark wanted the reader to focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus, and used the gospel to connect and differentiate between the other evangelists. Mark concludes his gospel on a…show more content…
This shows that just as I mentioned, Mark’s purpose was to prove and show facts of how Jesus was the Messiah. As mentioned in the course manual, if Mark’s gospel ended on the crucifixion, then the gospel would be missing facts, which could be essential of the belief of the reader and not to mention that it would be ending on quite a tragic ending that shows more injustice . It means that in order for Mark to capture more than just the injustice committed against Jesus, he had to differ him from all the other famous executions such as Socrates’s or Joan of Arc and let’s not forget to mention that it was vital to the Christianity faith for the reader to understand what exactly differentiated Jesus Christ from all those other
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