Theodore Roosevelt Dialogue Analysis

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A Dialogue between Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt Mark Twain: I am truly an Anti-Imperialist. I do not believe in policies or practices by which we increase our power by gaining control over other areas of the world. I feel that we don’t have any business in countries that are simply not our own. I was the vice-president of the Anti-Imperialist league for almost ten years. Expansion overseas is not what I am for and will not benefit our country as a united nation. Theodore Roosevelt: Woah there Twain. There are other opinions out there. Mark Twain: Are you sure about that? Like who’s? Theodore Roosevelt: Yes Sir…..ME! I believe in imperialism! I will tell you about my views. Mark Twain: Okay go ahead Roosevelt, but I’m not sure I will believe anything you…show more content…
Mark Twain: Don’t get ahead of yourself Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt: Why? I did an amazing thing for America! We needed a way to get around South America quicker. A canal through Panama was the perfect answer for us! Mark Twain: But you decided we needed to step into Panama’s business to take a true imperialistic based action. Theodore Roosevelt: Yes…? Mark Twain: You decided to take support in the Panamanian’s rebellion against the Columbians by dispatching our United States Navy warships to the waters off of the land of Panama. Theodore Roosevelt: We needed to get the Columbian governments consent to start the process of building the Panama Canal on their land. Mark Twain: And how did that work out for you? They still charged us $40 million for the land, $10 million to secure it, and $250,000 a year for rent! Theodore Roosevelt: Whatever it takes, I will do for my country! Mark Twain: And I will do whatever it takes for my country as well, in the means of doing it my way without intruding onto other parts of the world just to gain power for
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