Mark Twain Life At Hannibal Summary

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It all started on November 30th, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. With a population of about a 101 when Clemens was born. The village at the time was owned by a Mill owner, basically making it a company town. Being the sixth child of John and Jane Clemens when Samuel was 4 they moved to nearby Hannibal, a town of about a thousand people. Hannibal was the place that inspired most of Twain's writings because they place was supposedly so boring. But with a Paddlewheeler arriving three times a day, you’d imagine it such a hopping port city, but it was a nest of Cruelty, Poverty, Dunkness, Loneliness, and again Life-Crushing boredom. Twain’s early life was surrounded by death. With his father dying unexpectedly during the night of 1847, it left Twain’s family in a seemingly never ending economic struggle. And while he worked several odd jobs that lead him to see a Cattle Rancher stabbed, and the death of a slave after his oversee struck him with a piece of Iron. And all this was before the age of 12. …show more content…

By age 15 he’d gotten a job as a printer and once and awhile he’d write and edit the Hannibal Western Union, a small paper owned by his brother Orion. And at 21 he received his boat piloting license in 1859, he soon found regular jobs playing the shoals and channels of the Mississippi. He was absoluting in love with his career. However the career was cut short due the Civil War, he also joined a volunteer unit in 1861, but only served a couple of weeks before the unit disbanded. Little did he know that his future held both excitement and cash… is future was the Great American

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