Mark Twain Pessimism

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Mark Twain is pessimistic about American society and government because through his book ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ it shows us how American valued racism and how they treated slavery in a brutal way and he even depicts some hypocrite behaviors by the American society so called ‘civilized society’. According to Belasco and Johnson (2008), Mark Twain’s main purpose of writing this novel is to protest against malice practices done by the America frontier society during mid 19th century.
In ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ Mark Twain mainly focus in criticizing the American society by showing how Huck’s society value racism and how racist Huck’s society is towards black people. The examples of a racist society are shown through Jim’s character, a black person who works under Mrs. Watson. The main difference is shown when Huck and Jim both run away from home, people consider Huck as a abused runaway boy from his father Pap and Jim is considered as a runaway slave, so therefore people feel pity on Huck and help him as much as they can as he belongs to a white society. For example people give him money and shelter to live. Whereas for Jim people take advantage to catch him and get the reward as announced. This clearly shows how Jim is being discriminated by the society.
Not only through Jim’s character we get the concept of Mark twain’s pessimistic views on American society, he mostly mentioned many different characters to show each individual views on racism and how they
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