Mark Twain The Invalid's Story Analysis

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Pedings Collin Pedings Hensley English 11/ Second Period 27 February 2018 Part 12: Rough Draft #1 Mark Twain can be considered as one of the greatest writers in American literature. Mark Twain’s writing career started out in a printing company where he created humorous cartoons and short articles. This at which developed his iconic writing style, which is a twist of Allan Poe’s suspenseful writing with humor to create isolation towards a topic to entertain a reader. Mark Twain’s peculiar style shows in many of his literary works, especially in “The Invalid’s Story”. In Mark Twain’s “The Invalid’s Story” the themes of human mortality, the use of foreshadowing, and having a sense of humor not only progresses the plot of the story but also entertains the readers. In Mark Twain’s “The Invalid’s Story”, the exploration of human mortality as a theme shows throughout the entire story and forms as a backbone of the plot. Evidence of the theme of human mortality can be seen in Mark Twain’s “The Invalid’s…show more content…
Evidence of foreshadowing alludes itself whenever, in Mark Twain’s “The Invalid’s Story” the narrator states, “then we went there and bent over that deadly cheese and took a grip on the box” (Twain 4). The statement shows the use of foreshadowing in the short story, by calling the cheese “deadly” it foreshadows one of the causes of the narrator’s and possibly Thompson’s fate. The statement further provides evidence that Mark Twain uses foreshadowing to change the tone of the story and makes the plot focus on the effort to rid of the smell of the cheese by the narrator and Thompson. The statement also brings up evidence that the foreshadowing brings a sense of dramatic irony to the readers. Foreshadowing also was discovered by Steven E. Kemper in “Poe, Twain, and Limburger Cheese”, in Mark Twain Journal, Steven E. Kemper
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